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Support us

Many of you wonder how you can support us and we really appreciate that. In the absence of stable public funding, we are dependent on gifts, collections, the Grasrotandelen, support from business and private individuals, as well as members. We will be incredibly grateful for all contributions!

Give a monetary gift

The lion mothers - main organisation: Vipps: 559990 Account number: 1080 44 63564
Our children's palliation project Carry together:
Vipps: 709418
The lion mothers' help service: Vipps: 709419
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The lion mothers' regional team

The lion mothers North:
Vipps: 783095
Account number: 1080 56 97712
The lionesses Middle:
Vipps: 783094

Account number: 1080 56 97720

The lionesses West:
Vipps: 783093
Account number: 1080 56 97739

The lionesses East:
Vipps: 783096
Account number: 1080 56 97747

The Lion Mothers South:
Vipps: 860236
Account number: 1080 61 92797

for companies

Support from business is incredibly important to us!
The concept Leo friend is the companies' opportunity to make a difference and strengthen their social profile, by supporting Løvemammaene's work for children and young people with illness and functional variation - and their families. 
It is possible to support us with a lump sum, or a monthly, half-yearly or annual sum. 
Every contribution is very welcome!
We hope that your company will choose us.

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