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Carry Together

The lion mothers' child palliation project

"As good a life, and as good a death as possible"

For Løvemammaene, child palliation and carrying it together is about how the hospitals, municipal agencies, assistants, school, nursery school and everyone close to them can contribute to making the situation a little easier to bear for the families concerned.

  • It is about being able to get direct guidance and assistance as parents
  • It is about contributing to good support around siblings
  • It is about those who are to be helpers around the child and the family having as good an insight as possible
  • It's about not being alone when it really matters

Our aim with Bære sammen is to contribute to the building of experience and knowledge around each child, which means that we can take the best with us, and learn from what saps our strength, and makes impossible what everyone wants most of all: a as good everyday life in the family as possible after all.

In the event of the child's death, preparation is also needed, which can contribute to a death that the family can bear to live with. That space has been given to think through what is important to you. And that, in the time after, arrangements are made to be able to live on with the grief in the best way possible.

Send an e-mail or contact the Løvemammaenes help service, which has its own follow-up of Bære Sammen families.