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Here you can read about various rights, allowances, benefits, facilitation and arrangements you may be entitled to when you have children who need help. You will also find good advice, templates you can download and information about useful plans, guides and services on this page.

sykehusbarn, ambulanse, vel heim, helse vest

Emergency plan

An emergency plan/crisis plan can be both useful and reassuring for all families who have children with different functional variations. The municipality has a responsibility to help

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medisiner apotek hjelpemidler

Pharmacy services

Here is some useful information about pharmacy services. When your child's medicine list has started to get long and often complicated, we have some tips and

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ASK hjelpemidler språk

ASK / sign language

Children and young people who due to illness or functional variation have little or no speech need alternative and supplementary communication (ASK). Being able to communicate is

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Avlastning BPA avlastningsbolig


Respite services must provide parents who have a large care burden/particularly burdensome care duties for their children, necessary and regular free time, rest and the opportunity to participate in

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Helsebutikk Resept Hjelpemidler bestilling

Bandage shop / health shop

A publicly approved bandage shop, also known as a health shop, supplies equipment on blue prescription to those with a stoma, catheter, incontinence and/or prostheses. Here you can also find

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Children's coordinator

The right to a child coordinator applies in the event of a child's or young person's illness, acquired injury or functional variation. It can be of a somatic, psychological, physical, social, cognitive or sensory nature.

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The child's best assessment

The best interests of the child is a legal principle that must ensure that children's interests are highlighted and emphasized when decisions are made on matters of importance

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Hjelpemiddel Utstyr BHM Sykehus

Treatment aids

Treatment aids are medical aids and equipment that you need at home or in an institution after you have been discharged from hospital. This gets

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Reiser Søknad livskvalitet omsorgspenger

Treatment trips

A treatment trip involves a 3-4 week treatment program in a warm and sunny climate abroad. Both children, young people and adults can apply for a treatment trip. The goal statement

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Boligstøtte Stønad Søknad tilskudd Vedtak

Housing / Husbanken

Husbanken offers help in your housing situation, e.g. arrangement due to functional variation, if you achieve the criteria. Husbanken can help if you need a new home or to

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BPA personlig assistanse Avlastning hjelp bistandsbehov


BPA stands for user-controlled personal assistance and is an equality tool for people with functional variations. BPA is a fantastic service for both children, young people and adults.

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barn briller brillestøtteordning

Glasses support

People with some eye conditions or serious illness/disorder that goes beyond their vision can be supported with glasses or contact lenses. In addition, people who have increased

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BUP Psyke Psykiatri Utredning


BUP stands for Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic. It is an outpatient specialist health service within mental healthcare for children and young people. They offer offers for children and

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CL team in hospital

CL stands for consultation-liaison which means "to ask for advice" and "to bind together". Consultation-Liaison psychiatry is the part of psychiatry that deals with mental disorders

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energiøkonomisering, løvemammaene

Energy saving

Energy saving in itself is not a separate right, but all children and young people with illnesses/disabilities have a right to an equal and good life, where

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The Family Welfare Office

Familievernet is a national service that anyone experiencing difficulties, conflicts or crises in the family can make use of. Family protection offices exist all over the country and are required by law

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Grunnstønad Søknad NAV Sykdom

Basic allowance

Basic allowance is a benefit from NAV that is supposed to cover extra expenses you have due to illness, injury or other functional variation that healthy people do not

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Helfo Penger Refusjon Medisiner


Helfo is a government agency responsible for, among other things, the blue receptor trial, changing GPs, free treatment facilities, various reimbursement schemes within health, rights in the event of deadline violations and health services abroad.

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Hjelpemiddel Søknad NAV

Aids from NAV

If children and young people have an illness or functional impairment that means they need help to move, cycle, sit, play, save energy, calm down

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Pleiebehov døgnklokke nav

Assistance allowance

Help allowance is money you can get from NAV when you have a child with an illness or functional disability who needs a lot of nurturing, care and help. The help must

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IOP IUP Spesialundervisning tilpassing pp-tjenesten Sosialt


In this document you will find information about special education in kindergarten and school, including individual education plan (IEP) and individual development plan (IUP). Individual training plan (IOP) An individual

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Kommune tjenester innbyggere sykt barn

Municipal services

In this post you will find an overview of municipal services for children with illness and functional variation, as well as offers for their relatives. In Norway we have

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Competence centers

In Norway, we have various centers of expertise that specialize in various diseases and/or syndromes. The different centers are listed below. Children's language center The center has

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koordinator kommune barn og unge sykdom funksjonsvariasjon


When children and young people need long-term and complex services in health and care, they have the right to a coordinator. A coordinator is responsible for

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Accompanying certificate

Accompanying certificate is a card that can be given to people with functional variations who need an accompanying person to participate in society, and functions in many ways as

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Equality and discrimination

In this article, you can read about the differences between the Equality and Discrimination Ombudsman and the Discrimination Board, and what these bodies can help you with if you or

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Opplæring kurs omsorg

Training money

Training allowance is a benefit from NAV to which you may be entitled if you are away from work to receive the necessary training for a

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Orthopedic technology

Orthopedic engineering is a cross-professional field that includes everything that is included in the development, service and delivery of orthopedic aids. Orthopedic aids are defined in two main groups

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Transitional allowance

Transitional allowance is a financial allowance intended to ensure single parents an income for up to 3 years. In some cases, the period can be extended by up to

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Couple relationship

First of all, to those of you who are brand new lion parents: Don't break up for the first year or two! It's lead heavy, and you'll come to

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Bil Bevis HC Parkering

Parking permit (HC certificate)

You can apply for a parking permit (HC certificate) for a car if your child has an illness or functional disability. Parking tickets do not only apply to wheelchair users! In addition to not

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The patient and user ombudsman

The patient and user ombudsman helps patients, people with functional disabilities and their relatives with advice, guidance and assistance when dealing with the health service. The agent can help you free of charge

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Reiser Behandling Dekning

Patient travel

You can have your patient travel covered when you travel to or from publicly approved treatment. As a rule, you get expenses for your patient travel covered

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Foreldre barn med funksjonsvariasjon pensjon omsorgspoeng pensjonist løvemammaene


Many parents of children and young people with illness or functional variation are completely or partially out of work for long periods in order to provide supervision and care

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Sykt Barn Pleie Søknad

Caring allowance

Caring allowance is income compensation you can get if your child is admitted to hospital or is so ill that you have to be away from work for

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Pedagogical-psychological service, also called PPT, will help kindergartens and schools in a municipality to make arrangements for children and young people. The purpose is that they get

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Rights when children die

When parents experience the absolute worst that can be experienced and lose their child, it has major consequences in the whole of everyday life. They will organize a funeral and

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The Civil Ombudsman

You can complain to the Civil Ombudsman if you believe you have been exposed to injustice or errors from the public administration. This could be, for example

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Tax on compensation

Some of our members receive compensation in the form of a one-off payment of accident, illness or disability insurance in the event of injury, illness or other variations that are not

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Tax notice

In March/April each year, everyone who receives salary, pension or social security benefits receives a tax notice. It is an overview of your income, deductions, assets and debts.

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School environment - chapter 9A

This chapter applies to children in primary school, upper secondary school and pupils who participate in after-school programs and homework help programmes. What to do if the child is not safe

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spesialisthelsetjenesten, barn på sykehus, pårørende, sykehusbarn, rettigheter på sykehus, sykehus

The specialist health service

In Norway, we have four regional healthcare organizations that are responsible for ensuring the population's access to the necessary specialist healthcare services. The four health institutions are The Specialist Health Service includes Referral

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statped, non-verbal, språkvansker, kurs, opplæring, tegnspråk, blind, hørelshemmet,


Statped disseminates knowledge and skills about equal, adapted and inclusive training. Statped is an agency that provides special educational services on a national basis, to both municipalities (kindergarten,

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Fylkesmannen Søknad Klage

The State Administrator

The State Administrator (formerly called the County Governor) is the legal security authority and appeal body for municipal decisions and supervisory authority in central areas for which the municipalities are responsible. The state administrator is the appeals body if

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Support contact

If your child needs someone who can help him/her or join in to have an active and meaningful free time, the support contact can be

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tegnspråk, Signo, hørselshemmet, døv, tegn til tale

Sign language

Norwegian Sign Language is a separate language with its own grammar and sentence structure. Norwegian sign language is what is called a gestural-visual language, which means that one must

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Offer for professionals

Here we have compiled a small overview of offers, skills development and information for professionals who work with children and young people with illness and functional variation. Lecture,

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tilrettelagt fritid, funksjonshemmede, idrett, paraidrett, trening, terapi

Arranged free time

According to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, all children have the right to participate in play, leisure activities, art and culture as well as independent and active participation in society regardless of

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Organized school transport

School pupils may be entitled to free transport to school, either by ordinary public transport or by taxi. If the student has an illness and/or functional variation, one can

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tolk, løvemammaene, minoriteter


There are many reasons for using an interpreter in meetings with the public. If you have difficulties understanding and making yourself understood in Norwegian, you have

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tt-kort, transport, taxi

TT card

TT card (facilitated transport) is an offer for people with illness and/or reduced functional ability who cannot use regular public transport. It means that with

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Universal Design

The value basis for universal design is to make it possible for everyone to have equal opportunities for personal development, participation in society and life expression. This

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