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Help us help more children and young people with illness and functional variation, and their families.

Become a Lion Friend!

Now your company can support Løvemammaeneen's important work.

Løvemammaene is a voluntary, interest-based political organization that works to inform about and improve the rights of children and young people with illness and functional variation. It is estimated that at any given time there are around 8,000 children in Norway who have a life-limiting or life-threatening illness. The families of these children have a tough everyday life, and the meeting with the support system can be challenging. Many of our members say that it is not the children who wear them out, but the system around them.

The lion mothers work hard to fight for and help our families, and at the same time raise important issues to the Storting. We put tens of voluntary man-years into this work.

We are experiencing an enormous influx of families who need help from us. On this occasion, we have started the Løvemammaenes help service.

This is especially where your company can contribute. The country's 8,000 seriously ill children and young people are a small but very vulnerable group that your company can help.

Become a Løvevenn and support our work with an optional annual sum!

Our help service is currently financed partly with grant funds and partly with money we have collected ourselves. We have no secure funding on an annual basis. We know that there will be a great need for the help service in the foreseeable future, but it has an uncertain future without secure funding.

If your company chooses to become a Løvevenn, you will of course be duly thanked and shown as our supporter with your company's name and logo under the Løvevenn tab on our website. You will also receive a framed diploma as a thank you. 

But perhaps most importantly, you will help make the lives of families in hard-pressed weekdays a little easier, because we can help more people.

We hope you will join the team!

Our lion friends

Help us help chronically ill and disabled children and their families.

Thanks to our Lion friends

The companies' opportunity to support the Løvemammaene.

Become a Leo friend

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