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Become a member

By becoming a member of our organisation, you support our targeted and interest-based work to improve the rights of children and young people with illness and need for help.

Become a member

We work for all children, regardless of diagnosis (or lack of diagnosis), and regardless of the type of illness and degree of need for help. Everyone is welcome in our organization!

You do not need to have a child with an illness or need help to become a member. We are very happy for all support memberships, both other relatives in the form of grandparents, uncles and aunts, but also those of you who want to support our work because the message and our cause engages you. Welcome to you all!

With both individual membership and main membership, you get:

  • access to our closed intranet
  • our member app "Gnist"
  • access to our closed Facebook groups for members only
  • participate in digital themed evenings and other closed member meetings
  • meet others in the same boat at parent meetings and family events
  • monthly digital membership magazine

With main membership, you also get:

  • possibility of assistance from the Løvemammaenes help service
  • access to the expertise of skilled professionals with own experience in having a different child
  • follow-up and support from our child palliation project Carry Together

The membership fee is used, among other things, to cover operations of the organisation, such as to cover expenses for our help service, follow-up of members, travel to relevant meetings and hearings at the Storting, fees, website operation and other organisation-related expenses we may incur. 

Which membership is right for you?
You can choose between individual membership and main membership, regardless of whether you yourself have children who need help or not.

Individual membership
Costs NOK 200. per year, but if there are several of you in the household, we recommend main membership. You can also choose main membership to support us with a higher dues amount, even if you are only one in the household.

Prime membership
Costs NOK 400. per year and includes membership for everyone living in the household (parents, siblings and the child who needs help).

Payment options
You can easily pay by card or Vipps. If you need an invoice or a payment solution/reduced quota for financial reasons, send an email to and we will help with that. 

As a voluntary organisation, we are completely dependent on you, our wonderful members and supporters. Without you, our work would never have been possible, so a big thank you to each and every one of you!